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Garden Tours

The Nisswa Garden Club tries to tour members gardens regularly. Everyone loves to show their strengths and our club is no exception!


One dreary day we set out to visit the garden of our member Angela. A gracious hostess, she showed us around her property. We saw more daffodils than you could ever imagine.


She had bulbs in her yard, as well as in her woods. There was a wide variety of perennials,


such as Dicentra Spectabilis (Bleeding Heart), and annuals, such as Scaevola and Coleus, in groupings.

There were some surprises tucked into some of the beds such as this Dodecatheon (Shooting Star) next to the Sedum and 'Dusty Miller' in front of a statue.


We got some exercise walking around the property, but we didn't mind. We found some hidden surprises in the woodlands, too! Notice the 'Yellow Lady's Slipper' (Cypripedium luteum).


All in all, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We did have to take one last look at her gardens and, of course, the daffodils. What beautiful views and wilderness!




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